My new Homelab [Updated]

My selfhosting journey started around 2017 with simple website and Minecraft servers on rented VPS. At some point i wanted my own Hardware, so i went on ebay and randomly stumbled across a used Dell PowerEdge R510. It was a good deal for ~170€. It had dual PSU, dual socket Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5620 CPU, 64GB of DDR3 RAM and 8 Bays for Hot-Swappable drives. The only trade off was it's pretty old Hardware and fairly power hungry.

Average Homelabbing experience

My new Hardware

I finally decided buy new Hardware because my old Server was not good enough anymore for the things i am doing.
For the CPU i went with the Intel(R) i9-10850K (10c, 20t). To have proper cooling for it i went with the be Quiet Dark Rock 4 Pro passive cooler. To fit the RAM below this massive cooler, my choice was 128GB of low profile Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz CL16 RAM.
For the Hypervisor storage i choose 5x Crucial MX500 1TB SSD's in a ZFS RaidZ1 which gave me about 3.65TB usable storage. For the ZFS ARC memory i went with 7GB RAM.
Little side notice: Hardware RAID's should absolutely be avoided by now, they don't protect your data, they are not a backup! Please watch this video for a pretty good explanation why!
For the case i went with Antec P101 Silent, this case has two SSD slots and 8 modular SSD/HDD Hot-Swap slots. For additional Storage i found some cheap PCIe to SATA card with 8 SATA ports, they are pretty limited in bandwidth and apparently not the best quality wise, but it works out fine for me so far.


For Hypervisor i choose Proxmox again (i migrated most of the VMs/LXC container from my old Server), it fits pretty well my needs of creating a bunch of individual KVMs/LXC containers for compartmentalization and easy management.
PS if you also want the Proxmox darkmode (imo a must have!) you can find it here.



Fast forward a few months, I decided that I am not not happy with my old case, because I want to fit more HDD's. The server enclosure I went with is the Inter-Tech 4F28, with it a new CPU cooler (Noctua NH-D12L) needed to be bought, because the old tower cooler was too high for the case.
I also went away from the ZFS RaidZ1 and switched to ZFS Raid10 because it was literately destroying my consumer SSDs and the IOPS where so bad that Proxmox became really unresponsive.
I also got a 10G NIC and Network Switch for future upgrades with a second Server.